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JB Electric recognizes the powerful future in E-Sports and competitive gaming. That’s why we want to sponsor its growth within our community! With this realization, we are proud to announce our very first event, the Fright Night  Tournament: Featuring Fortnite!

This Halloween, at 12 p.m. central time, the tournament will begin! Teams of three (trios) will play 5 full matches, and be scored on their teams placement within those matches. At the end of 5 matches, the team with the highest score wins!

Tournament Rules and Information

To participate, each team must consist of at least one member who lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky or the nearby surrounding area.

Teams must register through our website with the entry form below. Registration closes on October 23rd at midnight, central time.

If a player is under 13 years old, they must be able to produce a waiver if needed by JB Electric from their parents or legal guardians to be elegible to receive any prize or participate in the event.

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. We are capping the tournament at 66 teams.

A prize pool of 156,300 V-BUCKS will be divvied up and given away to the top 6 finishing teams.

If we have over 33 teams register, we will run two placement heats. The top 33 teams from the two placement heats will advance to the 5 round tournament. The team with the most accrued points wins the tournament.

Traditional Battle Royale scoring will be utilized.

If there is a tie, the tied parties will participate in one sudden death round to decide the ultimate victors.


Any attempt to cheat the system will result in a forfeiture from the offending party.

All players must be respectful to one another.




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